PRO Unlimited @Electronic Arts  | July 2019-October 2019

Contract Voice Editor an upcoming Sims 4 expansion pack

  • Recorded Sims 4 voice actors

  • Edited voiceover for cleanliness, sync, balance, and content

  • Implemented voiceover into the game

  • Tested the implemented voiceover


SEEQ Audio  | June 2018-Present

Co-founder, Composer, Sound Designer, Audio Programmer

  • Implement original audio into video games or applications either natively in Unity or using Wwise as middleware

  • Compose original music for video games, applications, or to picture in a vast array of styles

  • Create original sound design for video games and applications

  • Perform miscellaneous contracted tasks pertaining to audio and/or music, including orchestration, part proofreading, and recording

Interlochen Center for the Arts  | June 2019-July 2019

Recording Engineer

  • Record concerts

  • Edit audio footage

  • Mix concerts live for broadcast


San Francisco Conservatory of Music  |   October 2017-Present

Recording Studio engineer

  • Record concerts

  • Work with clients in recording sessions

  • Edit audio/video footage

  • Perform live sound / PA


Women’s Audio Mission  |   January 2019-May 2019


  • Help with recording sessions and with live sound at WAM concerts

  • Assist in teaching basic audio recording and editing, producing, and coding to young girls

  • Perform administrative tasks for the office


San Francisco Conservatory of Music  |   March 2017-Present

Technology and Applied Composition department assistant

  • Plan department concerts

  • Help students during lab hours

  • Perform general administrative duties for the department heads

  • Perform maintenance on studio equipment

  • Set up scores/parts for musicians, DAW/microphone setup for department-wide recording sessions


San Francisco Conservatory of Music |   San Francisco, CA  |   August 2016 - Present

Undergraduate, Technology and Applied Composition Major

Interlochen Arts Academy  |   Interlochen, Michigan  |   Graduated May 2016

High School, Composition Major​


  • ProTools

  • Ableton

  • Logic Pro X

  • Wwise

  • Max/MSP/Jitter

  • Wavelab

  • Touch Designer

  • Unity

  • Reaper

  • Sibelius

  • Basic C++

  • Fluent Spanish

  • Conversational Mandarin Chinese