Countrytron5000 is a country song generator which combines classic formulas and tropes of country music with the magic of generative music technology to create infinite instant country hits sure to entertain both you and your Mee-Maw all the way from the county fair to the canteen. YeeeEEE-hAAWW!

For this app, I wrote the lyrics, performed and recorded the auxiliary instruments, did all of the implementation (one version in Max/MSP, one version with Wwise and Unity, released on iOS), did all of the app UI coding in Unity/Xcode, as well as designed the logo.

Wondering how it was made? Check out the video below!


Here's how it all sounds in the game


"Discover University" is the eighth expansion pack for the Sims 4. I worked as a voice editor on the game and also did the audio for this reveal trailer!


Top Mix is a mobile phone music remix games in which players can remix songs by artists such as 3LAU, Audien, Gareth Emery, Haywyre, Elephante, JVNA, and many more, as well as songs made by Top Mix, with just a swipe of their finger. Top Mix is live in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, and has been featured in the App Store's "New Games We Love" as well as the US "Game of the Day." 

For this app, I work as a content creator. This involves creating and implementing "cards" which our players can use to remix songs (beats, synth patches/melodies, risers, different arrangements and chord progressions, and "mods," which allow for players to uniquely manipulate all of the other cards), write, record, and implement songs into the game for players to remix, as well as implement the voice stems from external artists (which includes re-dictating the arrangements and chord progressions from the original tracks and coming up with alternates). I also localize the app in French and Spanish and create video content for the Top Mix Instagram.


Infinite Mix, the sister app to Top Mix, is an app which lets people listen to endless streams of original music in genres of their own creation. Users can select genre presets on three layers and combine them however they like, as well as modify the the genres by layering on the "+___" presets. The generated music is guaranteed to be unique and never-ending.

For Infinite Mix, I not only created most of the music content (which greatly expands upon the content base used for Top Mix), I also was instrumental in designing and creating the system which allows for this endless stream of music to be generated by the keywords that the users select. 


"Finding the Malicious Snowman" is a VR game for Google Cardboard/Daydream on Android. For this app, I coded the whole thing from scratch in Unity :), did additional sound design (ambient sounds), implemented all of the audio natively in Unity, and released it on iOS and Android.